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a lake, the beach, etc. Id say in a composite chart this is an intense placement. I have an 8th house stellium in my Eros chart and it makes sense, Ill just leave it at that. If not, they want someone who will travel the world with them. Minor degrees included. This is not a superficial connection, and both of you know this pretty much right from the start. It's exciting, spontaneous, and completely unpredictable. The square between the Moon and Venus can bring friction to the relationship, as well as fascination. For example, if your sun is at 25 degrees gemini and your partner's sun is at 25 degrees cancer, the composite chart sun would be at 10 degrees cancer. Prominent Libra and 7th house placements, as well as Libra and 7th house stelliums may have clothing f*tishes, i.e. Sagittarius degrees in love want to take their partner and travel the world and learn all of lifes secrets with them. I also have a good friend who lives in another country as well! They may feel that the way they express love is not valued by the other. They have to be very mindful of this and not get attached too quickly, and let the attachment grow over time. I would bet my left leg theyve all had an emo phase at some point in their lives. The Scorpio degree also rules pregnancy, like Cancer, they likely dream of having kids with their partner or adopting (if theyre into that sort of thing of course). But for overall compatibility, you gotta look at everything. See if you have any Nessus aspects touching your moon/pluto square or even Mercury making hard aspects to to Pluto. Reflecting on your actions and trying to understand the patterns in your behaviorare the only ways to steer your life towards a calmer and safer path. Also both small d*ck aspects and big d*ck aspects in ones natal chart usually indicates an average sized one. CompositeChart:SunUranusAspects I think its because of my Mars in the 7th. For example while this house rules creativity, shes very creative and wants be a fashion designer, whereas hes completely not interested in anything creative. Engaging in these kinks in your sex life is a healthy way of exercising these tendencies as they will become a healthy outlet for them. Dont apologize for asking questions, I try to help you guys as much as I can! Ive been wondering about a post you made about obsessive and stalking aspects in synastry and one caught my eye, since its one I have with my current crush. Cancer degrees in love are also extremely loyal and wear their heart on their sleeves in love. THE ASTROLOGY OF LOVE & ATTRACTION: ARTICLES & GUIDES. Planets that form a 60-degree angle have a sextile between them. You will experience feelings you have never had before, but do not worry; they will not necessarily be bad feelings. Perhaps your relationship uprooted you from your past in some way. i work as a therapist in a psychiatric facility so its emotionally taxing :(, omg. Hi, Ive heard that the asteroid Psyche deals with where our soul feels at home and if it aspects someones Eros in synastry its typically considered a soulmate aspect. LMAO. This is a pretty hard degree to have Venus in, but once the person masters this placement, they are bold and not afraid to show love. These are good aspects to see in a Composite chart, as it increases the emotional intensity of the relationship in a positive and constructive way. However, with this placement mastered, a Gemini degree in Venus is both a communicative and intellectual lover. You will reflect and consider various aspects of your relationship, and this will allow you to arrive at a deep and lucid understanding of what you are to each other and to yourselves. Water sun/mars + fire moon or vice versa. -ups occur when the progressed composite Moon sets off a composite Sun opposition Saturn and the progressed composite Moon sets off a composite Sun square Mars, for example. In other words you notice their teeth right away. CompositeChart:Mercury-MarsAspects Ive mistaken Gemini risings for Scorpio risings before. This aspect is beyond beneficial, although some might say it's weaker than Trine. This of course leads to the downside of Sagittarius degrees, since theyre always exploring and wanting to try new things, they might find it hard to settle down, and it can take them a while to do so. It can be very uncomfortable if youre not familiar with such strong energy, and you guys can feel very drawn to each other, but not know why. LMAO. on social media to date. I have seen this aspect many times in the charts of married couples, due to the themes of caring and nurturing. There is a dominating streak in women with this aspect and they do not bow down to tradition. Both of you need to stay vigilant of your behavior as you often engage in manipulative behavior without realizing it. This is an aspect of uprooting, in that it brings matters up from the depths of your unconscious minds to the surface so that they have to be dealt with. Both of you might have had traumatic relationships in the past and you want to hold on to what you have with each other. Hence, those Zodiac signs with this placement are a great combination due to the yin and yang energy. I had this with my ex, and for a lot of the relationship I always put the blame on myself because I saw him as this person who fixed me and could do no wrong. It only exacerbated things. The opposition or square between the Composite Moon and Pluto is very challenging. Moon-Pluto Synastry: Opposite, Square, Conjunct, Trine, Sextile Moon-Pluto synastry's manifestations very often depend on other synastric aspects with those planets. Men with this aspect can have dysfunctional relationships with their parents. Both of you are rash with communicationand need to think before you react to the other. The attachment will be deep. Men influenced by this aspect frequently go through cycles of understanding and evolution. I think its the Mercury energy. Lmao this post talks sm about Libra Mars. Like I said, theyre slow with love and take their time. You might demand loyalty from one another, or expect the relationship to continue at the same . I do not really count the 7 degree square of Moon to Pluto as a big major thing in our composite, but the crossing of those squares is interesting. This is an incredibly sweet and affectionate relationship. Pluto in the 1st all have the death stare. Moon Square Pluto And in the composite: Moon Conjunct Pluto Sun Square Pluto Venus Square Pluto Mars Trine Pluto Jupiter Trine Pluto Neptune Sextile Pluto I've read up on some pretty horrific experiences regarding these combos, and I'm on the alert not to hurt her, as I would never intentionally do so. Ive found this to be true with other Sagittarius placements. going to amusement parks, laser tag, etc. Hey bestie!! Scorpio degrees will also spend a lot on their partner and be generous with gifts and affection (of course after they warm up to you lol). With Composite Moon square or opposite Composite Pluto, the intensity of emotions can be off the charts, and it can be extremely difficult to get them under control. Libra degrees also date to marry, and this can unfortunately make them victims of love-bombing because once they hear that their partner wants to marry them and sees them as their soulmate, thats all they need to hear to fall in love. They literally will love you until the day they d*e. Like the Taurus degree, this degree also deals with wealth. This degree also rules high places, so I could see Aquarius degrees wanting to go on dates to rooftop restaurants. Not really an observation but Eros and Lilith persona charts can tell you what youre into s*xually. There is a strong possibility that people influenced by this aspect have a bad relationship with their motherand are unable to distance themselves from the relationship. Pluto is trying to kill all the feeling but Saturn is like, "Not so fast." Everyone knows my ordeal. Aggression is very typical of this aspect and even normal communication can turn violent if people influenced by this aspect start feeling that something is going to go awry with their plan. Hello! However, I have noticed that this plays out in different ways. The sextile and trine act similarly to the conjunction, but with less intensity. On the downside, the relationship may eventually feel draining for at least one of the partners. I think he has moon pluto minor aspect. However, when there is an issue, the couple solves it in a mature way. On the more negative traits of Capricorn degrees, they may have a fear of love and this can make it hard for them to either get into a relationship or be vulnerable in a relationship. CompositeChart:VenusMarsAspects Like Leo degrees, Capricorn degrees want to show their partner off to everyone they know. However, if the Composite Venus is in Pisces, one person may express their love in a dreamy and impractical way, which is opposite to what Virgo represents. Its not as blatant however, its more hidden. Im going to try and stay consistent with this again. I could also see mountains being a thing here, maybe going mountain climbing or hiking on a mountain for the view. Each of you knows that your partners feelings run deep, and this is a treasure. playlists, art, etc. However, open expressions of attachment are generally forthcoming. Ive noticed that people with an afflicted 3rd house planet ruler and/or having it aspect Saturn or Pluto tend to get their drivers license later than most. Hello! For example, they wont be ogled in the street or be asked straight up to have s*x, but theyll get to know someone and that person will start saying s*xual stuff to them. The couple may feel the relationship is a burden on them. Composite Moon is square or in opposition to composite Uranus: They have a charm about them that just makes them irresistible. Also Scorpio degrees in Venus are very magnetic and have a charm to them like Libra, but theirs is a much darker charm. However, possessiveness based on fear of losing one another can be a big issue in this partnership, perhaps more dramatically expressed on the part of the female. Also for aspecting personal planets and angles, Ive noticed there usually are 3+ aspects, but this isnt always the case. But my advice would be take a breather and distance yourself if you can (physically and emotionally). Registered: Nov 2010. posted April 19, 2016 11:24 PM. Timothy McVeigh was an American 'Lone wolf' terrorist who exploded a truck bomb in Oklahoma City killing 168 and injuring 800. just anything creative. Aquarius degrees also are big on surprises in relationships, they love to plan little surprises for their partner, i.e. Posts: 624. While squares bring fascination, they also bring friction and misunderstandings. What placements indicate someone being able to physically fight someone and winning? These two cannot be indifferent to each other due to the strong emotions they arouse in one another. Aquarius suns whether they want to admit it or not, LOVE hearing about gossip and drama. They are not afraid to shower their partner in gifts. You may even be able to let go of your addictions or bad habits during this period. Like theyre awkward but in a charming way? Scorpio risings and Gemini risings have that same smoldering look, except Gemini risings have a more mischievous smoldering look whereas with Scorpio risings its dark and intense. Ultimately, there is a feeling the relationship is meant to be. Everyone talks about asteroids conjunct your ascendant, but never talk about the oppositions. Ive noticed this more in men though. Im speaking for myself but also other people that I know. You have crossed each others paths for a reason and this relationship will leave an impact on your lives. Interestingly, men with this aspect often have the gift of foresight or clairvoyance. They know how to annoy people and push their buttons. These are good aspects to see in a Composite chart, as it increases the responsibility and commitment of the couple, without feeling like a burden. Hope this helps! This position in synastry shows the way we complement each other emotionally and intimately. I bet they also love thefriends to lovers troupe. I could also see an unevolved Leo degree still wanting attention from other people, and not wanting to give that up, because lets face it, Leo degrees do love praise. I forget where I read it, but Ive found it to be true. External help will not help as much as internal reflection, meditation and self-awareness. These are wonderful aspects to see in a Composite Chart. In your Composite Chart, which house is ruled by Cancer? The sextile and trine act similarly to the conjunction, but with less intensity. Overall, an evolved Virgo is one that provides for their partner without overdoing it and one that doesnt always put work first. However, What I had with my ex was even a much stronger attraction and we had venus parallel pluto and a venus to mars double whammy with soft aspects plus sun trine moon and moon conjunct moon and a huge stellium in the 1h in composite involving valentine conjunct magion, sun, mars and PLUTO all sextile Neptune conjunct Agapenor and Neptune . Great question, heres some placements:Aries moon, Mars-Pluto aspects (esp. surprise dates. But when we know that when the Moon conjuncts Pluto, such an aspect is related to the emotional area where dramatic events occur, this relationship is under sudden changes. They need to learn how to do acts of service for their partner but not to the point where they spread themselves too thin. Ive seen this with siblings actually. The conjunction of composite Moon and Pluto means that your feelings will be extremely intense, and the relationship is not likely to be a casual one. Theyll take care of you and be your personal doctor. how peculiar. The intensely emotional nature of your attachment can be a beautiful thing, as you are capable of great intimacy, but this exclusiveness may create a fear of change, of rejection, or of loss which can seriously undermine your partnership over time, to the point of no return. Hope you guys enjoy this post! Id be grateful and thankful if u can tell me anything about my ahem.. voice! This quality should be channeled towards their career and towards getting rid of their destructive habits. Both of you might have had traumatic relationships in the past and you want to hold on to what you have with each other. you okay??? Taurus degrees in love are hardcore romantics, they crave the traditional romance, and love to woo & be wooed. It can be a great aspect, but I feel more often than not the Vesta person tends to put the sun person on a pedestal and deifies them. Hello! Despite Scorpio degrees being secretive, they are possessive when it comes to their partners. Having a Moon square Pluto aspect in a composite chart is a sign that the bond between you is very strong and you have a desire to stay together. As a result, they do not know how to take criticism and act out when they receive feedback. Even if theyre not physically attractive, theyre just ~ sexy ~ in some inexplicable way. The moon person wants to know where the Pluto is all the time and is afraid of losing the Pluto, but . Through each other, you will experience some powerful emotions, as your attachment to each other is intense. You may find yourself engaged in a power struggle in a personal or professional relationship and a lot of repressed feelings will come to the surface. ). If there was past ab*se wether in romantic relationships or in their upbringing, it plays a big role in their romantic life. The partner to have when youre not feeling well. Theyre more into mental stimuli than visual stimuli. I will say since youre talking about weird things happening with you guys, and your mention of his Mars in the 12th house and Lilith conjunct NN, it does make sense. lol) Moon/Pluto 403 Sag. Composite Moon is conjunct composite Uranus: If a relationship upon which you can rely and depend is what suits you best, then this relationship is not what you're looking for. Overall, they are cautious and ambitious lovers. So do with that what you will. In this relationship, it is extremely to compromise and empathize with each other. These are wonderful aspects to see in a Composite Chart. Libra degrees in Venus are also very charming and know how to tell their partners what they want to hear. cancer sun, cancer mercury, cancer venus, cancer mars, aries moon, sag rising. Sun Square Pluto Composite Chart. Each partner may encourage emotional excess in the other partner. They show good emotional communication and an ease in expressing your feelings to each other. But the effects of this aspect . Mars square Pluto happens when these planets form a 90-degree angle while moving across space. For help, or to report any issues you're currently having, please visit the ProBoards Support Forum. They are very forgiving and sweet to each other, and feel as though they have found their soulmate. Ive noticed Cancer placements if sleepy and not near a bed theyll try to make their own makeshift bed, like when I was at school between classes I would line up a bunch of chairs next to each other and lay down and use my backpack as a pillow. Virgo degrees also may do too much for their partners and can be too selfless when it comes to love. With Composite Moon square or opposite Composite Venus, you can still enjoy one another's company and be pleasant, but you may be lazier with one another or with the relationship, and have stubbornness become an issue at times. Jealousy, obsession and possessiveness will be present in this relationship. Venus/Mars 435 Sag. It can be easy for one or both of you to slip into this mode of fear, as your attachment to each other is intense. Moon in the 1st makes anyone fairly shy. Id also like to emphasize that their family approving of their partner is VERY important to them. Square aspects put the energies of the planets against each other and there is a need for balance to even out their influence. It is important to exercise tolerance and patience in this relationship. Also she loves kids, and he wants nothing to do with them. I feel like the struggle here with Gemini degrees is their duality, they might struggle with the two sides to them, they could possibly see themselves wanting to have another side to show their partner because they feel theirreal self might not be good enough for them. Theyre also very big on self-expression as well, and are the types to shower you in compliments and be vocal in their love for you. The conjunction between the Moon and North Node in the Composite Chart is an excellent aspect to see in a Composite Chart, especially if it is in the 5th or 7th house, or if the Moon rules the 7th house of the chart. Check which house is ruled by the Moon in your Composite Chart, as this will show where you will have the most luck as a couple. the harsh ones), Libra Mars (They are scary as fuck and I will die on that hill. With this being in the 10th house Id say you take a very compassionate approach to your work and you likely want to pursue a career that involves helping others, perhaps therapy or something in the medical field. Id say the downside of Leo degrees is that they always want to call the shots and dont want to compromise. Unaspected moons tend to be very emotionally cold and closed off, or just have a hard time dealing with emotions in general. I noticed from your bio that you have many cancer placements, as do I! They can either pursue love too hastily, looking for it in the wrong people if they have to, or struggle to fall in love. CompositeChart:MoonSaturnAspects This aura of power and authority is very attractive to some men, while people with similar qualities do not get along with them. To properly assess the Moon, we look at the sign, house, and aspects the Moon receives. Taurus degrees, you must be mindful of when youre showering your partner with affection and luxuries that theyre going to return it in a way that they know how to. There is nothing wrong with needing each other, but if that need leads to distorted expressions of attachment, such as manipulation or obsession, you will need to get a handle on it at an early stage before you drive a wedge between you. There is a lot of emotional blockage involved, which can make people prone to outbursts. They love thefriends to lovers troupe. As a result, this relationship may end as quickly and bizarrely as it began. I spent over an hour looking at different charts of sapphic celebrities and that was the general consensus. However, you will emerge as a better person after going through this turmoil as a more self-aware and positive person. The people I know with these placements are constantly hooking up and/or dating people with barely any effort. The square between the Mars and Mars acts somewhat like the opposition, but does not have as many benefits. CompositeChart:SunMarsAspects Some celebs w this placement: Marlon Brando, Jessica Chastain, Tiffani Thiessen, James Dean, Kurt Russell, Natalie Wood, and so on. Id also appreciate feedback regarding my marriage and weather or not I will be relocating anywhere other than where I live now (Cairo-Egypt)? If not issues, their father greatly influences their lives for better or for worse. It is associated with intense strength and a desire to succeed and protect. RunAroundScreaming Knowflake . This is the degree ofwealth of course. mars conjunct ic would be very similar to moon conjunct mars because the ic is the cusp of the 4th house which is ruler of cancer and the moon. One or both of you may end up cracking under such pressures, and your parting could not only be inevitable, but it could get downright ugly. I could also see Gemini degrees wanting to go on educational dates like taking their partner to a bookstore or a library. Sun Square Moon individuals tend to struggle with mental health issues, some celebrity examples: Kanye West, Heath Ledger, Selena Gomez, Jodie Foster, and so on. The relationship is based on shared feelings and nurturing, and each partner in this relationship will develop emotionally as a result of their union. I dont know why but they just do. Hello! This is also what I do with every crush I have, the amount of poems Ive written for girls Ive had a crush on, oh my god. Your relationship was likely to have started with a bang. This is the degree of planning, they have their ideal life planned out and if they meet someone who wont be able to fit their plan, then theyre not interested. The composite chart is the midpoint of your planets and angles with another person. I have this with a few people and Ill randomly start thinking about marrying them and Im like nope. At least one of the partners may feel the other is very unsupportive and undependable. Posts: 8223 From . They have a heavy presence yet their eyes are so soft. being manipulative. Knowflake. Hi there! Overall, Libra degrees are romantic and creative lovers when evolved. As a couple, they will bounce back and forth between being too intellectual or too emotional in their communication with each other. People with this aspect can be a little obsessive and are very persistent once they set their sights on something. Posts: 3130From: AsiaRegistered: Nov 2018, Copyright 2000-2021 CompositeChart:SunVenusAspects This relationship might be quite toxic, but it will be hard for the two of them to part ways without a lot of ugliness. Powered by Infopop 2000 Asteroid Vesta aspecting Saturn may indicate losing your virginity later in life. Try to hold on to that energy and dont let fear drive your actions. IP: Logged. Communication is a very important part of your sex life. That might have a lot to do with the psychological trauma. Through each other, you will experience some powerful emotions, as your attachment to each other is intense. ive never met someone else with this and yeah ive heard i can be pretty wild LMAO. Men with this aspect are strong willed, determined and always achieve what they set out to do. hope ure doing good, im so sorry to ask but I hope you can help me out. If you want an example, I have this and for my last ex I would make playlists for him, I drew a portrait of him, and I wrote poems for him. Couples and Relationship Forecast reports. I know that I have a cancer stellium but how does that energy manifest since the 10th house represents Capricorn? It is also an indicator that you are very afraid of losing each other. Hope this helps! The attachment will be deep. Hi! The conjunction between the Moon and Saturn in the Composite Chart indicates a mature couple. It brings a lot of emotional baggage to your life and you find yourself struggling to make deep emotional connections with friends and family. Ive seen someone else mention this, and I looked into some famous people who have it, and its true. Not every single woman who has it will be sapphic, but Ive never noticed a sapphic woman without one. I think Cancer + Pisces works well and Cancers with earth signs. The couple matures as a result of this relationship. They just tend to think about shit over and over again. Aquarius Eros love to be filmed or love the idea of being filmed while m*sturbating or having s*x. Leo degrees in love are very bold and like to take charge, theyre very similar to Aries degrees in this respect. Im also very loud as well. Being with each other is your happy pill. Virgo degrees are extremely work oriented, so while they are about acts of service and taking care of their partner, the second it interferes with their job? Maybe Ill do a post about it. The opposition and square between the Composite Moon and Neptune can be very challenging and confusing. The Moon governs our emotional sideand how our subconscious interacts with the world whereas Pluto is the planet of wealth and power. . I just want to start with, I love your blog and really appreciate your posts so thank you so much for all the work you put into your blog!! Certainly you quite quickly become entangled, and rather intensely to boot. Like Virgo degrees, they also love helping their partner and doing things for them. Id say Asteroid Aphrodite aspecting ones Venus and/or Ascendant would indicate beauty. The square of Mars and Pluto in a composite chart requires some care and consideration within a relationship. They need to tread lightly while socializing, especially in professional settings. You also might give off a motherly aura. Majestic creatures. Like Scorpio degrees, Pisces degrees are also secretive and while they maybe open with love, they tend to hide certain parts of themselves that they deem undesirable. This is of course, unevolved Leo degrees. Requested URL:, User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:102.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/102.0. Some aspects Ive noticed that tend to indicate a romantic relationship (or at least potential for it i.e. (The third house is typically associated with cars, some say the 4th, but I think its the third since 3rd house energy is more on the go and 4th house energy is a home-body type of energy). Nothing is too good or too much for their partner. They know how to undress you with their eyes, and they know how to get you to do it. Sag placements and Geminiplacements in the big three tend to have the most expressive faces. They like to call the shots in the relationship and are very bold in how they love you. Not allowing him to probe too deeply into my life by being honest right off the bat. You also might be seen by others as very sweet and compassionate, but withdrawn. LMAO. :). Ego forces run high between you, because something about your interaction makes you constantly challenge each other. Perhaps one or both of you entered the partnership after experiencing some trauma, or your intense feelings for one another changed your lives. The lack of progress or evolving in this relationship may also be bothersome to at least one of the partners (but this depends on the couples individual natal charts), Click here for Composite Moon in the Houses, Click here for How to know if they are the One.