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Acme’s Insight software allows Automobile Spare Part owner to handle actual end customers, individual mechanics and service garage owners more efficiently and in lesser time. Acme’s Insight software allows Automobile Spare Part business owner to keep tight control on saleable products, non saleable products, outdated products, damaged products, etc. and in turn allows business owner to reduce stock pressure and finance pressure on non saleable goods, damaged goods & outdated goods, etc. Acme’s Insight software is the best software suite that is customised (made to order) for Automobile Spare Part business.


Sales counter in automobile spare part store is the most dynamic area or happening area of the business. Over here, direct end customers (who own the vehicle), individual service mechanics and service garage owners are the customers who arrive to buy spare part. In addition, sales representatives representing spare part manufacturers and their transporters also visit the spare part store. Acme’s Insight software is developed for those automobile spare part stores who offer spare parts for multiple automobile vehicles (than exclusive automobile vehicle). These spare parts are produced by those spare part manufacturers who directly compete with actual OEM spare part producers associated with principle automobile manufacturing firms. Acme’s  Insight offers various features and those are:-

  • Create 10 sales bills at a time
    Acme’s Insight software allows business owner (or staff) to create 10 sales at a time with multiple memo types E.g., Customer owning the vehicle buys the spare part in cash. Garage owners (or their staff) buy the spare part in cash or on credit or on approval basis. Individual mechanics buy the part on approval basis, on credit or in cash.
  • Number of spare part names to be printed in single sales bill
    This function is available in the form of settings. This function allows automobile business owner to decide number of spare part names to be printed in single sales bill.
  • Number of copies to be printed of one sales bill
    This function allows business owner to print single sales bill more than one copy if they are using Deskjet or Laser or Thermal printer. If automobile business owner use carbon inserted paper stationary and decides to use dot matrix printer! Then this feature is not useful.
  • Save and Print Bill Immediately After Entry
    This feature in the form of settings allows billing user to save & to print bill instantly or only to save the bill without printing.
  • Rounding sales bill and its method
    This feature allows automobile business owner (or staff) to decide how rounding to be done for the final sales bill and the method to be used for rounding. Formula function is available for this feature. This feature is available via settings.
  • Use barcode or item code while generating sales bill.
    Billing user can use barcode gun to scan the barcode and create sales bill and/or user can enter item code number (name) and create sales bill. Billing user can use both methods in case some of the products are without barcode and/or barcode label fixed on the spare part is spoiled.
  • Enter cash received from customer
    This feature allows sales bill user to enter cash received from customer. Billing software capture the total sales bill amount, cash received from customer and exchange cash returned to the customer
  • Multiple taxing
    Acme’s Insight handles multiple tax rates in single sales bill namely 5% or 5.5% VAT, 12% or 14% VAT and CST. Acme’s  Insight software allows billing user to bill various types of taxing products in one sales bill. Billing user can also define whether tax to be shown in sales bill or not and/or sales rate to be shown inclusive of tax. Whatever process is followed by the automobile business owner! Acme’s Insight will configure billing module accordingly.
  • Multiple payment collection
    Acme’s Insight allows automobile business owner to collect multiple payment collection for single sales bill namely cash, credit card and cheque.
  • Sales return / exchange in same sales bill
    Sales return or exchange is unavoidable attribute of automobile spare part business. Acme’s Insight offers sales return in same sales bill and/or sales return by separate document. Automobile business owner can decide the process.

Stock and Inventory

Maintaining stock, tracking stock, updating stock, etc. are the key needs of automobile spare part business as number of spare parts are huge. Acme’s Insight offers useful features in this category that helps automobile spare part business owner to control the stock and helps him/her to have tight control on non-saleable parts, out dated spare parts and dead/damaged spare parts.

  • Import purchase bill
    Acme’s Insight software allows automobile business owner to import purchase bill if supplier is using computer for generating invoice. Please contact Acme’s office or Acme’s partner on how to import purchase bill.
  • Import price list
    It is being observed that today many original automobile spare part producers keep their price list on their web sites in MS Excel format. Acme’s Insight software allows automobile business owner to import this file by downloading it from respective web sites. Please contact Acme’s office or Acme’s partner on how to import MS Excel price list.
  • Inward stock with bill or with delivery challan
    Using this feature automobile spare part business owner can enter item master records using supplier’s bill or using delivery challan.
  • Validate purchase price and sale price while entering stock
    Acme’s Insight software allows validating purchase price and sale price while entering product master data. This feature validate accuracy of price factor that is utmost important to business.
  • Multiple stocking point (location or racks) within outlet or outside outlet
    Using this feature, automobile spare part business owner can record rack numbers and parts stored in each rack. This feature helps automobile spare part business owner to find the part quickly when part is asked by the customer.
  • Minimum stock level quantity and reordering quantity
    Acme’s Insight allows automobile business owner to enter minimum stock level quantity and reorder quantity for those spare parts that are fast selling. Using this feature, reordering spare part becomes easy. E.g. Electrical fuses. Spark plugs. Silicon Greece. Clutch cable. Etc.
  • Formula function for Item Master Entry
    Formula function allows automobile business owner to define purchase price, sale price and MRP price for each item.
  • Add multiple attributes or properties to each item
    Using this feature, automobile business owner (or staff) can define all those properties by which they can search part in Acme’s Insight in lesser time, they can deliver the part to the customer in lesser time, they can bill the spare part to the customer in lesser time and above all, they can reorder the spare part in lesser time.
  • Maintaining stock in multiple units and packs
    This feature allows automobile business owner to purchase spare parts in one measure of units and packing and sale the spare part in different measure of units & packing. E.g., Buy electrical fuse in packs of 100 and sale each fuse in peace. Buy Silicon Greece in kilograms and sale it in grams. Buy spark plugs in dozens or in boxes and sale it in peaces. Buy rubber belts in dozens/boxes and sale it in peaces. Buy selected assemblies of 4 wheeler or higher and sale individual part in peace.
  • Allow multiple challans while entering purchase bill
    This feature allows automobile business owner to enter stock with multiple delivery challans and these challans can be linked to single invoice at later stage.
  • Auto calculate rates while entering purchase bill
    This feature allows Acme’s Insight to calculate purchase rate, sales rate and MRP rate when stock is entered. This feature allows automobile business owner ( or staff) to define the formula for purchase price, sale price and MRP. This feature is available in the form of settings.
  • Define default rates and user definable rates
    Both these options are available in the form of settings. Setting default rates for customers can help sales billing user to create quick bill. User definable rates helps sales billing user to type different rates for mechanics or garage owners (or their staff).
  • Lock sales rates in sales bill
    This function is available in the form of settings. This function helps automobile business owner not to allow billing users to play with sales rates. This function is utmost important where automobile business owner is having more than one billing counters.
  • Create group wise category while entering items
    Automobile spare part business user can create multiple categories like electrical items, mechanical items, lubricants, after market products, etc. and then enter items in respective categories. This feature generate reports for trading account.
  • Allow replacement items
    This feature allows purchase bill entry user to allow sales bill user and sales return document creator user to give replacement items.
  • Run scheme
    This feature allows automobile business owner to run scheme for customers. Customers could be end customer, individual mechanics or garage owners.
  • Show item balance while creating sales bill
    This feature empowers & educate sales bill user about the stock of billable items.
  • Assembly stock management
    Acme’s Insight software offers this feature for all those items that falls under assembly category. In this feature, Automobile Spare Part automobile business owner can enter assembly name as top line heading as well as individual components, their quantity and applicable rate of each component that falls under top line assembly.

Barcode Labeling

  • In India most of the original part producing companies use barcode label for each of the part that they produce.
    Barcode label is not new concept for automobile industry. Acme’s  Barcode software module allows automobile business owners to use company owned barcode labels for billing process. Shop-owners can also generate their own design of barcode labels for those spare parts which are not having barcode labels. These barcode labels can be printed when master stock item entry is done while entering purchase bills in to Acme’s Insight software.


CRM means customer relationship management. Now-a-days (in the era of Mobile phones, Smartphone, Web sites, Web Portals, Internet, TV, etc.) CRM has become an important business function since competition across board is increasing beyond imagination, thinking and speed. Acme’s Insight software offers CRM for various PR (Public Relation) activities to be done with actual buyers (like end customers, individual mechanics or garage owners & their staff) and for actual buyers to keep the brand alive, to increase business and to keep the trust level of business alive. Those features are as follows:-

  • Send transactional messages on mobile phones
    Acme’s Insight software allows automobile spare part shop owner to capture customer data. Here customer is actual buyer of the spare part and spare part is bought by individual mechanic or by service garage owner. Using this function, automobile spare part business can send text messages on buyer’s mobile phone. E.g. “Thank you very much for visiting our shop”, “Share your today’s buying experience with your friends”, etc. These types of inspirational messages create an emotional bonding for these buyers. They might or they will spread the brand of automobile shop to their other friends if this activity is consistent, accurate, in time and on time.
  • Send personal greeting text messages on mobile phone
    Using this function, Acme’s Insight can send personal greeting messages to every mechanic and to every garage owners plus staff working in garage. e.g. Happy Birthday, Happy Wedding Anniversary, etc.


Accounting is an integral part of every automobile spare part business. Acme’s Insight offers complete accounting on click of mouse button. Read below about features alias functions that are available under accounting feature group namely:-

  • VAT accounting
    Every month, every automobile business owner is forced to submit VAT report to respective government. VAT accounting is an important business task. Acme’s Insight software handles this part very systematically. When supplier’s bill is entered in to Insight? VAT paid on purchase bills is automatically added in to VAT paid register. When sales bill is printed on customers? VAT collected from customers is automatically added in to VAT collection register. When damaged spare parts are returned to stockiest using purchase return document? Difference of VAT is automatically calculated by Acme’s Insight and posted in to VAT register for purchase return. Whenever customer returns defective spare part or damage spare part? Acme’s Insight automatically calculates VAT on sales return and posts VAT difference amount in to VAT register on sales return.
  • Bank reconciliation
    Bank reconciliation is one of the most tedious tasks for every automobile business owner. Acme’s Insight software offers a feature by which bank reconciliation happens in lesser time. Kindly contact Acme’s office or Acme’s partners office to see how this feature helps automobile business owner and save owners time.
  • Interest calculation
    In spar part business when bills are not paid in time, supplier or stockiest charge interest. This feature calculates the interest charged by the stockiest or by producer. Many automobile business owner keep FD’s with banks. Bank gives them interest. Interest received from the bank can be rechecked by automobile business owner using this feature.
  • View and print Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and Trial Balance
    Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Trial Balance, Creditors report, Debtors report, etc. are the important documents that display health of automobile spare part business. These reports are available on click of mouse button. The best thing about Acme’s Insight is, automobile business owner, accountant or staff does not have to have accounting knowledge to generate these reports. Acme’s Insight is developed in such a way that if automobile business owner (or staff) enter every purchase bill via Insight, sale every product via Insight, enter every receipt + payment + expenses via Insight, enter every sales return or purchase return via Insight! Reports will be automatically updated as soon as these entries are made in to Acme’s Insight software.
  • Create Daily/Monthly Series For Cash And Bank Vouchers
    This feature allows automobile business owner to have series of cash & bank vouchers generated by the system. This feature is made available via settings.
  • Export accounting data to Tally
    Many automobile business owners in India still avail or prefer the services of CA and/or professional tax consultant. In India, many CA’s and/or professional tax consultant use Tally software tool in their office. Insight's export accounting (only financial) data to Tally allows automobile business owner to share accounting data with tax professionals such as CA and Tax Practitioners. Having said this, automobile business owner can also generate accounting reports on their own. In addition, automobile business owner can also print various accounting registers using Insight like sales register, purchase register, credit register, debit register, cash payment register, cheque receipt register, expense register, bankbook, chequebook, etc. on click of mouse button.

Sales and Purchase Return

Sales return and purchase return in automobile spare business. These are most unpleasant activities in automobile spare part business. No one likes it. They are unavoidable. These activities if controlled tightly & systematically from day one, it finally helps business to grow, to sustain and to make less losses. Acme’s Insight software understand these aspects correctly and offers great value for money in the form of features that helps business to grow, business to sustain and helps automobile business owner to make less losses or nil losses.

  • Sales return passing module
    Sales return is available in sales bill itself as well as sales return is also available via separate document. Sales return passing module is needed when sales return is undertaken by counter staff and sales return document is passed by the authority person. Authority person can decide how to reimburse customer for sales return. It could be product-to-product replacement in case sales return product is defective. It could be one product to another product exchange of same price or lower price or higher price in case sale return product is bought wrongly. It could be cash return to end customer in case sales return product is bought by the customer because it is already available with the customer. Choice completely resides on automobile business owner, customer and actual situation.
  • Purchase return passing module
    This feature also works like sales return. Here purchase return could be product is damaged or package is broken or wrong product delivered or product delivered without order.
  • Generation of debit note on instance of purchase return
    This feature allows purchase return document user to create debit not instantly to close the transactions.


Printed reports give an opportunity to shop-owner to work out various business strategies in terms of how to increase sale, how to add more products, how to discontinue with some suppliers, etc. Printed reports (somehow) got more impact on Indian mind that is emotional to every shop-owner than seeing the same report on computer monitor (screen). Acme’s Insight provides some standard printing reports. Moreover, Acme’s Insight also provide Report Writing module feature. Using this feature, shop-owner can generate customized reports as per the need of business. Following reports are available in Acme’s Insight namely

  • Stock report
    Stock report item wise, category wise, supplier wise, manufacture wise and price grouping wise. Reports are also available for fast selling items, dead or non saleable items, slow moving items, etc. Sales report product wise, category wise, value wise, quantity wise, etc. is available.
  • Accounting Reports
    Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Trial Balance, Sales Register, Purchase Register, Bank Book, Cash Book, Expenses Book, Creditor’s Register, Debtor’s Registers, General Ledger, Profitability report, etc.
  • VAT report
    VAT paid report, VAT collected report, VAT difference report on purchase return and VAT difference report on sales return.
  • Print Date & Time on each report
    Acme’s Insight print date & time on each report so that trailing on each reports becomes easy. This function is available via settings.

Back Office

There are many things (task in hand) that happen in automobile spare part business before automobile shop is opened for customers and after automobile shop is closed for customers. These activities (task in hand) fall under the category of back-office task. Listing down few features of Acme’s Insight that falls under Back-office category namely:-

  • Business Analysis and Intelligence
    Acme’s Insight software got built-in dashboard UI (User Interface) module. This module display selected & important business data in the form of graphical charts. Graphical charts are more appealing in terms of understanding the data. E.g. Supplier wise sales, product wise sales, counter wise sales, product category wise sales, price group wise sales, etc. These reports are instantly available on computer monitor. They are updated as and when actual transaction happens within Insight software like entering purchase bill, selling items to customer, entering bill payment, giving payment to suppliers, entering expenses, taking sales return, returning goods to supplier, etc.
  • Multiple firms
    Insight allows shop-owner to use this function in case shop-owner wants to maintain automobile business separately for various category of products. E.g., Two-wheeler part business under one firm, 4-wheeler auto part business in other firm, Oils + lubricants in another firm and after market products for 2-wheeler automobiles + 4-wheeler automobile under different firm. This feature allows shop-owner to reduce tax burden. This feature helps shop-owner to work out strategy on how to grow business, when, where, etc. This feature also helps shop-owner to decide whether to continue with loss making product lines or not.
  • Automatic back-up of Insight
    Acme’s Insight offers this most important feature to every buyer of Insight. This feature automatically take back-up of data created & generated via Insight. Back-up data is stored in computer hard disk in day wise folders. Each folder is given day name like Monday, Tuesday, etc. Each customer is requested to copy daily back-up outside the computer. May be on pen drive or USB hard drive. But copying daily back-up out of computer is must. In India, power conditions (supply) are not healthy and consistent. Sudden spike in power supply can ruin the entire computer setup available in automobile spare part shop.

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