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Grocery or Kirana Bhusar counter is the most dynamic counter where countless actions happens across the day. Traditionally 2 types of visitors arrive in the outlet. First retailer and second actual customer. Retailer arrives to buy grocery items in bulk so that he/she trade forward. Where as there are some actual customers who buy grocery products in bulk for the need of entire month. In turn keeping the counter pleasant, neat, clean, smiley, presentable and automated is the need of time. Using computer (one or two or multiple), printer (one or two or multiple), UPS, Inverter, etc. is the need of business. Using computer with Acme’s Insight BAP (Business Application Processing) software add sugar in milk. Acme’s Insight BAP (Business Application Processing) software in 8 in 1. Acme’s Insight runs on single PC as well as on multiple PC’s. Acme’s Insight saves huge time, efforts and money of business owner and working staff. Acme’s Insight software helps and avoid mistakes or errors that happens because of ignorance, over confidence and habits. Acme’s Insight software also helps business to grow by providing accurate business intelligence to the business owner through various reports. Let us read about each feature and read out how each feature benefit the business, business owner, staff associated with business and above all customers (retailer as well as actual customer) who buy countless grocery products.

  • Create list of items needed by the customer, then collect the cash, then print the sales bill and then deliver items to consumers.
    There are many grocery or Kirana Bhusar owners in State of Maharashtra who follows this process. Acme’s Insight software handles this process seamlessly and smoothly. This process is well tested and well proven. This process do not allow consumer to take undue advantage of the business.
  • Items to be printed in 1 sales bill
    This function is available in the form of settings. This feature allows business owner to decide number of items to be printed on one sales bill. This feature is useful to the business since number of items asked by consumers (retailer or actual consumer who buy in bulk) are not fixed. They could one or more. More is not fixed and it is unknown.
  • No. Of Copies To Be Printed
    This feature is also available via settings. This feature helps business owner to decide number of copies to be printed for each sales bill. This feature is useful when billing counter and delivery counter is kept separately in business outlet. One copy can be retained by business owner and on copy by customer after products are taken by the consumer after validation.
  • Print Bill Immediately After Entry
    This feature in the form of settings allows business owner or billing user to print the bill as soon as it is created & saved.
  • Sales Bill rounding method
    This feature allows business owner, accountant or billing user to decide how rounding to be done when final bill is prepared and rounding method to be used for rounding purpose. This feature is available in the form of settings.
  • Default Memo Type In Sales Bill
    This function helps business owner or billing user to decide what type of sales bill to be prepared as default. Choices are cash bill, credit card bill, credit bill or multiple. This feature is available via settings.
  • Use Barcode, Itemcode and Customer code while creating sales bill
    In grocery business, retailers and actual customers (bulk buyers) are mostly known. Business owner can use barcode label or item code while selecting grocery products. Business owner can select customer name (retailer or actual customer) by name and/or by code.
  • Show customer balance in pick list
    This feature helps business owner or billing user to get accurate information about outstanding payment when credit customer (retailer or customer) visit again to buy more products. Moreover, when billing owner or billing user click on each visible outstanding amount, user can also get more information about bill and items bought in each bill.
  • Pick list by letters in sales bill
    This is customizable feature available via settings. By this feature, business owner or billing user can decide how pick list of items to be selected in sales bill. Here user got 3 choices, first character of the product, first two characters of the product or first three characters of the product. Once the setting is selected, UI (user interface) of sales bill will act accordingly. User’s comfort is addressed accurately in Acme’s Insight software since definition of users comfort changes from city to city and from state to state.
  • Allow Multiple Payment Details In Sales Bill
    This function helps business owner or staff to accept multiple payment mode like some payment in cash, some via cheque, some via credit card, some via electronic transfer and/or some via credit.
  • Show items rack wise
    This function helps delivery staff while goods are picked up for delivery purpose.
  • Enter received cash from customer in sales bill
    This is another unique and needy feature of Acme’s Insight software. This feature force billing user to enter received amount. As soon as amount is entered, Acme’s Insight automatically calculate amount to be returned to customer. Bill amount, received cash and exchange returned to customer, all three records are stored by Acme’s Insight software. These records are also prepared on sales bill so that customer is also educated & empowered.
  • Copy previous sales bill and create new plus fresh grocery item list
    This is powerful feature that helps business owner. Using this feature, billing user or owner can copy previous monthly grocery item list and create fresh bill by adding more items or by deleting items. This feature saves huge time and efforts of billing staff or owner. This feature also bring classic smile on customer’s face and that’s Acme’s experience as a supplier of Insight software.

Stock and Inventory

Grocery alias Kirana Bhusar business is driven by grocery products available in the outlet. Keeping tight control on these items is the need of business. Regular update of stocks, regular checking and physical checking of stock helps business owner to grow the business, to sustain in business with profits and to make less losses. Acme’s Insight software offers following features namely:-

  • Inward stock with bill or with delivery challan
    There are many suppliers who raise the bill once in a month or once in fifteen days. These suppliers supply their products with delivery challan. Acme’s Insight allows business owner to enter product data using challan and using invoice.
  • Validate purchase price and sale price while entering stock
    Acme’s Insight software allows business owner or staff to validate purchase price and sale price while entering drug master data. This feature empower & educate business owner or staff to validate accuracy of price factor that is utmost important to business.
  • Multiple stocking point
    Business owner can maintain stock at multiple points. These points could be within shop and it could be out of shop too. While entering stock, business owner or staff can enter respective location in Acme’s Insight software.
  • Minimum order and maximum order
    This is another unique feature of Acme’s Insight. Business owner can set minimum and maximum order quantity for all those items that are fast moving in business outlet. This feature helps business owner to reorder fast moving items quickly.
  • Formula function for Item Master Entry
    Acme’s Insight software got another unique function to follow and to adopt about sale price to be defined for each item. Once the formula is set by business owner, accountant or staff! Sale price of each item can be automatically calculated by Acme’s Insight. This function saves times, efforts and avoid manual mistakes or errors while define sale price of each item.
  • Add multiple attributes for grocery products
    Acme’s Insight is completely driven by stocking features. This is another unique function that helps business owner to keep a track of each supplier and products coming from respective supplier.
  • Maintaining stock in multiple units
    This is another powerful that keeps track of what is purchased and how v/s what is sold & how. e.g. Grocery items are bought in bags of 25 Kg or 50 Kg, but they are repacked and sold in 500 gm pack, 1 Kg pack and in 5 Kg pack. Same process can be adopted for Gehu Aata, Jwari Aata, Bajari Aata, Besan Aata, etc. Same process can be applied for FMCG products like soap, shampoo, hair oil, etc.
  • Add free quantity while purchase bill entered
    This feature allows business owner or staff to enter free quantity scheme is being offered by the original producer. This function helps for stock as well as when sales bill is generated on retailers.
  • Allow multiple challans while entering purchase bill
    This feature allows business owner and staff to enter various delivery challan numbers. This is need of time since generating purchase bill and delivery challan is under control of original producers. Normally producer generates delivery challan batch wise and invoices are printed only when complete delivery is ready for for a particular batch. It is being found that one invoice comprises of more than one delivery challan and that’s how this feature helps business. This function is available in the form of settings.
  • Rate entry in sales or purchase challans
    This feature allows sales bill user or stock inward user to add rates manually when purchase challan or sales challan is created. This feature is available in the form of settings.
  • Auto calculate rates while entering purchase bill
    This feature allows Acme’s Insight to calculate purchase rate, sales rate and MRP rate when stock is entered. This feature saves time, effort & money. This feature avoids mistakes & errors. This feature allows business owner or staff to define the formula for purchase price, sale price and MRP. This feature is available in the form of settings.
  • Define default rates and user definable rates
    Both these options are available in the form of settings. Setting default rates helps sales billing user to create quick bill. User definable rates helps sales billing user to type different rates for regular customers who buy grocery in bulk.
  • Lock sales rates in sales bill
    This function is available in the form of settings. This function helps business owner not to allow certain billing users to play with sales rates. This function is utmost important where business owner is having more than one billing counters.
  • Create batch wise category for entering batch wise items
    This function is useful specifically for grocery items. Business owner can keep the track of supplier and grocery goods arriving from respective supplier. e.g. Create Gehu as a category and then enter actual bags received from the supplier.
  • Allow free items
    This feature allows purchase bill entry user to add free items if they are being offered by the original supplier. This feature also helps sales bill creator while generating sales bill.
  • Scheme module
    This feature allows business owner to run scheme for retailers
  • Show item balance while creating sales bill
    This is another useful function that is linked with stock data. Here business owner or staff can decide how balance to be shown after item is selected in sales bill namely after entry of every item or after entry of 20 items. Business owner or user can decide as per their comfort and as per their business process. This function is available in the form of settings.

Barcode Labeling

  • Many Grocery traders use barcode label to save time on billing.
    Today many Grocery traders use barcode label to save time on billing. Acme has developed universal barcode software module. This module is available separately. This can be ordered along with Insight software and/or later too.


CRM means customer relationship management. Now-a-days (in the era of Mobile phones, Smartphone, Web sites, Web Portals, Internet, TV, etc.) CRM has become an utmost important activity for every distributor or wholesaler since competition is increasing beyond imagination, thinking and speed. Acme’s Insight software offers CRM for various PR (Public Relationship) activities to be done with actual buyers of grocery items. Those are as follows:-

  • Send transactional messages
    Using this function, to send transactional mobile text messages as soon as credit sales bill is created. Send them reminder for payment.
  • Send promotional messages or emails
    Using this feature, send message about a scheme.
  • Create mailing list and generate mailing labels
    Acme’s Insight can generate & print mailing list of all customers who are buying products from the business. Acme’s Insight can generate & print customer’s information in mailing label format. These printed labels can be used by business owner to send them information about new products, about new designs, about new scheme (if any), etc. by post and/or by courier.


Accounting is an integral part of every grocery or Kirana Bhusar business. Acme’s Insight offers complete accounting on click of mouse button. Read below about various features alias functions are available under Accounting feature group namely:-

  • VAT accounting
    Every month, every business owner is forced to submit VAT report to respective government. VAT accounting is an important business task. Acme’s Insight software handles this part very systematically. When supplier’s bills are entered in to Insight? VAT paid on purchase is automatically added in to VAT paid register. When sales bill is printed on customer (Retailer or Actual Customer), VAT collected from customer is automatically added in to VAT collection register. When products are returned by wholesaler, Difference of VAT on purchase return is automatically calculated by Acme’s Insight and posted in to VAT register for purchase return. Whenever customer (retailer or actual customer) return goods, Acme’s Insight automatically calculate VAT on sales return and post it in to VAT report on sales return.
  • Bank reconciliation
    Bank reconciliation is one of the most tedious tasks for every business owner. Acme’s Insight software offers a feature by which bank reconciliation happens in lesser time. Kindly contact Acme’s office or Acme’s partners office to see how this feature helps garment business and how this feature saves owners time.
  • Interest calculation
    Suppliers charge interest when bills are not paid in time. This feature calculates the interest being charged by the suppliers. Many business owner keep FD's with banks. Bank gives them interest. Interest received from the bank can be rechecked by garment business owner using this feature available in Acme’s Insight.
  • View, print and email Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and Trial Balance
    Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and Trial Balance are the important documents that display health of retail business. These reports are available on click of mouse button. The best thing about Acme’s Insight is, business owner, accountant or staff does not have to have accounting knowledge to generate these reports. Acme’s Insight is developed in such a way that if business owner, accountant and staff enter every purchase bill, sale every product, enter every payment + expenses, enter every sales or purchase return using Acme’s Insight, These reports will automatically be updated as soon as these entries are made in to Acme’s Insight.
  • Create Daily/Monthly Series For Cash And Bank Vouchers
    This feature allows business owner to have series of cash & bank vouchers generated by the system. This feature is made available in the form of settings.
  • Add accounting effect for general sale bill immediately after saving the bill
    This feature allows business owner to give instant effect for for every sales bill created. Bill is created & stored instantly in computer.
  • Export accounting data to Tally
    Many business owners in India still avail or prefer the services of CA or professional tax consultant. In India, many CA’s and professional tax consultant use Tally software tool in their office. Insight's export accounting data to Tally feature allows business owner to share accounting data with such professionals. Having said this, business owner can also generate accounting reports like balance sheet, P&L statement, trial balance sheet, etc. on his or her own. In addition, business owner can also print various business registers like sales, purchase (supplier and item), bank, cashbook, customer, expenses, payment, etc.
  • Operate Customized Scheme
    This feature is useful when business owner wants to create her own defined schemes for regular customers who buy grocery items in bulk.

Sales and Purchase Return

Sales return and purchase return, both the words, activities associated with these two words and task associated with these two words, no one likes it. They are unavoidable. Acme’s Insight offers some unique and value for money features namely:-

  • Sales return in sales bill itself
    Acme’s Insight offers sales return in sales bill itself if sales return happens same day. Other wise, sales return by separate document is also available.
  • Purchase return for expired items
    Acme’s Insight automatically create purchase return for the stocks that are expired and located in product racks as well as stocks arrived via sales return. Purchase return document is automatically created on respective suppliers.


Printed reports give an opportunity to business owner to work out various strategies on how to increase business, how to add new or more products, how to introduce new brands, how to introduce new suppliers, etc. Printed reports (somehow) got more impact that is emotional to every Indian mind than seeing the same report electronically on computer monitor. Acme’s Insight provides standard reports. In addition, Acme’s Insight provide report-writing module. Using this module, business owner can generate customized reports as per the need of business. Following reports are available in Acme’s Insight namely:-

  • Stock report
    Stock report item wise, category wise, supplier wise and producer wise. Fast selling items, dead items, slow moving items, etc. Sales report salesman wise, product wise, category wise, value wise, quantity wise, etc.
  • Accounting Reports
    Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Trial Balance, Sales Register, Purchase Register, Bank Book, Cash Book, Expenses Book, Creditor’s Register, Debtor’s Registers, General Ledger, etc.
  • VAT report
    Acme’s Insight generate VAT report paid by the business on purchase.
  • Print Date & Time on each report
    Acme’s Insight print date & time on each report so that trailing on each reports becomes easy. This function is available in the form of settings.

Back Office

There are many things (task in hand) that happen before business starts and after business is closed. These activities (task in hand) fall under the category of back-office task. Listing down features of ACME’s Insight that falls under Back-office category namely:-

  • Business Analysis and Intelligence
    ACME’s Insight got built-in dashboard UI (User Interface) module. This module display selected & important business data in the form of graphical charts. Graphical charts are more appealing in terms of understanding the data. E.g. Supplier wise sales, product sales, counter sales, salesperson wise sales, profitability of the business, etc. These reports are instantly available and they are updated as and when actual transaction happens in Insight like entering of purchase bill, selling drugs to customer, entering bill payment, giving payment to suppliers, etc.
  • Multiple firms
    Using this feature business owner can divide grocery business in multiple firms so as to reduce tax burden & liability.
  • Scheduler & task manger
    ACME’s Insight software offers another powerful feature that can be used before or after transaction hours. FMCG Wholesaler can also add various important business task like VAT return date, IT return date, VAT payment date, IT payment date, FMCG License Expiry date, etc. in ACME’s scheduling software. ACME’s scheduling software sends an alert text message on mobile phones used by FMCG Wholesaler.
  • Software security for users
    ACME’s Insight understands the security aspect. ACME offers user-friendly security features that can be used using mouse button clicks. FMCG Wholesaler can create users based on duties to be performed by the staff. E.g., User is allowed to create sales bill. Now this user will not be able to see and use features and functions of accounting, stock, purchase, accounting, etc. ACME’s Insight allows FMCG Wholesaler not to allow sales billing user to have access to any other functions & features available in Insight.
  • Automatic back-up of Insight
    ACME’s Insight offers this most important feature to every buyer of Insight. This feature automatically takes back up of data created & generated via Insight. Back-up data is stored in computer hard disk in day wise folders. Each folder is given day name like Monday, Tuesday, etc. Each customer is requested to copy daily back up outside the computer. May be on pen drive or USB hard drive. Nevertheless, copying daily back up out of computer is must. In India, power conditions (supply) are not healthy and consistent. Sudden spike in power supply can ruin the entire computer setup available in automobile spare part shop. This is must activity. Do or die activity.

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